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The Handing Over ceremony for the Youth in Agriculture - Crop Production Programme  was held at the Sir Arthure Lewis Community College (SALCC) Farm in Dennery on Thursday February 1st 2018.

In addition to earning their CVQ's, 70 Beneficiaries received kits which included: shovels, rakes, pickax, cutlasses, feed, hoses, gloves, seeds, pit moss and several other supplies necessary for the start of their micro farming initiatives. One beneficiary received two goats (male/female) which she will use for breeding and growing her small ruminant farming business.

A donation of a Knapsack sprayer and two gas powered Rotovators (1 small and 1 large) were made to the farm and an MOU will be agreed on and signed on the use. Use by the beneficiaries will be agreed by the college as terms of use of all equipment will have to be signed before our beneficiaries can access.

Presently, one of the beneficiaries work on the farm and SALCC has committed to keeping an additional five (5) more beneficiaries to work on the farm while growing their own crops. A plot of land has also been secured to accommodate the six grandaunts.

Attached are photos from the handing over of the starter kits to the beneficiaries of the Youth in Agriculture - Crop Production Programme with SALCC, which was implemented under the BNTF 7th and 8th Programme.



ssdf yap Beneficiaries



ssdf yap Mr Lench express his thanks to CDBSSDF BNTF



ssdf yap Ms Anthony as MC


Project Officer Jackie Allain giving brief remarks

ssdf yap PO Allain brief remarks


Project Officer Jackie Allain presenting goats and Feed to a beneficiary of the Youth in Agriculture Crop Production Programme under the BNTF 8

ssdf yap PO Allain present goats and Feed to benficiary of BNTF 8


Project Officer Jackie Allain presenting the MOU on use of Equipment to Mr Fevrier

ssdf yap PO Allain presenting MOU on use of Equipment to Mr Fevrier


Project Officer Jackie Allain presenting Starter Kit to Curvel Glace a beneficiary under the BNTF 7 programme

ssdf yap PO Allain presenting Starter Kit to Curvel Glace beneficiary BNTF 7



This is done via the use of the Poverty Index. The Poverty Index is constructed from socio-economic data captured in the latest national Census (2001). It is indicative of the level of deprivation of communities (measured by access to services such as water and electricity supply) and the living conditions of households within these communities (income and expenditure data, as well as the size of households).

Yes, through either the housing and educational assistance programs.

Yes, the SSDF proposal must address the needs of low income groups or communities subsequent to qualifying for any such assistance.

The sponsors are the financial organizations such as The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), The European Union (EU) , and The Government of St.Lucia (GOSL) who fund SSDF's various project initiatives.

All proposals are numerically numbered so reference would be made to that project number for an update. A project status can be checked on by visiting, calling or emailing SSDF, or via the SSDF website

No, SSDF does not loan money.

There is no limit to the number of projects offered to a community however; SSDF will normally execute one project per community at a time.

A proposal would be rejected by SSDF if they were to qualify as:


  • Micro credit or loans
  • Projects which involve tobacco, alcohol, other drugs or intoxicants
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Purchase of land
  • Direct expenditure (including renovation, rehabilitation or repair work) on private property arising from the project
  • Construction of first and secondary category roads
  • Assistance for the furtherance of religious or political ends
  • A proposal in excess of $250,000.00
  • Proposal not approved by the majority in community
  • Project not sustainable.


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