Our Boys Matter Form 5 Retreat

One the 24th February 2023, the Our Boys Matter programme hosted their annual form 5 student retreat for 21 boys. The theme for this event was “Fan the Flame of Success”. To help encourage the fanning of their flames a number of key personnel’s were invited to share valuable lifelong information with the boys. In addition to our invited guess Mr. Earl Gabriel Accountant at the St Lucia Social Development Fund took the opportunity to empower the boys by sharing his personal testimony of encouragement.

To help commemorate this event the invited guests included Bank of St Lucia representative, Cabot Cares representative and pastor Leroy David.The boys who participated in this event were equipped with the knowledge for acquiring a job. This range from discussion about their deportment, different grooming methods, how to conduct themselves at an interview and overall what to expect in the world of work. Based on the feedback and participation that was received by the boys, this event was deem a success. The Our Boys Matter Programme looks forward to 2024 to host another successful and life changing event.