Hollistic Opportunities for Personal Empowerment (HOPE)

This most recent initiative is designed around four key aspects namely:

  • Reducing unemployment in the short term and creating a cyclic effect for continued employment via varied and continued projects.
  • Providing training at different level as may be determined by any assessment carried out under the auspices of HOPE.
  • Personal Development undertakings/exercises with a view to providing a life skills training facets of the program using soft skills and vocational training.
  • Health with a view to improving and promoting healthy lifestyles practices focusing on the administration of servicing, diagnosis, treatment and advice.

The program is a major component of the Social Safety Net Initiative implemented by the Government. Unlike similar programs HOPE is seeking not to be welfare oriented but to address the immediate needs of the targeted group(s) while simultaneously equipping them with resources required to secure and in instances create more sustainable livelihood opportunities.

HOPE is seen as timely and appropriate amidst the current Global economic situation and by virtue of the recognition afforded short term (temporary) employment programs in cushioning the effects of the economic downturn.

Through HOPE it is expected that the objectives of , increasing food safety of households, absorption of a segment of unskilled persons into the labour market , providing basic skill training, provide seasonal relief to households via education – health – nutrition exercises will be achieved thus functioning as a vital social safety net.