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by adminsdf / on 8 January, 2022

Lucia, Gros Islet

Following my accident, daily tasks became challenging. The Home Care Programme stepped in with compassionate care and essential support, allowing me to focus on my recovery. The difference they’ve made in my life is immeasurable. I’m deeply grateful to the SSDF for their kindness
by adminsdf / on 8 January, 2022

Darren, Micoud

HOPE was more than a program for me; it was a stepping stone to a brighter future. Thanks to the skills and mentorship I received, I secured a job that I love, and I’m building a stable future for myself. I’m proof that with
by adminsdf / on 8 January, 2022

George, Dennery

The BNTF’s focus on infrastructure has revitalized our community. I participated in the construction of a new community center, which has become a hub of activity and learning. This experience has taught me valuable skills and instilled a sense of pride in our collective