Target Groups

ssdf target groupSSDF seeks to deliver basic services to disadvantaged and marginalized communities. They also provide support to the poor and the needy, persons with mentally or physical disabilities, the homeless, the elderly and the youth.


Who can apply for funding?


  • Organized Groups
  • Schools
  • Clubs & Grass Roots Organizations
  • Non Government Organizations (NGO)
  • Community Based Organizations (CBO)
  • Governmental organizations
  • Individuals (for Social Assistance and Housing)




  • Proposals must cater for a minimum of twelve (12) households
  • Facilities must be community owned or assisted by government
  • Proposals will be accepted based on needs assessment and policy outlined in the Poverty Reduction Action Plan (PRAP)
  • Proposals for Skills Training must cater for a minimum of fifteen (15) trainees
  • Application forms and proposals for BNTF funded programs can be collected at the SSDF office or can be accessed via the internet at Proposals for EAP and HAP can be submitted to the office

SSDF takes one of the following approaches when implementing a new project:


  • Community contracting – where the community is responsibility for the implementation and management of the project.
  • Private contracting – where independent contractors are hired to implement the project.
  • Co-implementation – where the community provides labour in the implementation of the project.

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