Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) 10th Programme

In keeping with the BNTF Vision and fulfilling the central pillars of inclusiveness, community participation and empowerment, consultations were held with stakeholders and residents of the following proposed sub-projects with Consultants engaged to conduct the Education Sector Portfolio during the period March 10th to March 30th 2022.  These consultations enable our most vulnerable to be directly involved and take ownership of the sub-project, build resilience, while addressing wider challenges being faced by communities. 

The BNTF invests in community-led development, takes a holistic approach to building multi-faceted aspects of the community and priorities, and links sector and community support to help communities emerge out of poverty.

BNTF sub-projects are also aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Consultations during the period, were held for the following sub-projects:

  • Upgrade of Entrepot Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC)
  • Rehabilitation of the Food & Nutrition Lab at Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School (VFCSS)
  • Arts Business Strengthening Capacity for Economic Viability in the Creative Industry (CDF)
  • Artscape Development – Building Capacity through the creation of multi-functional performance spaces (CDF)
  • Rehabilitation of Soufriere Primary School Block 
  • Retrofitting of Pre-K Classroom at Bishop Charles Gachet RC Primary School (Marchand)
  • Retrofitting of Pre-K Classroom at La Croix Maingot Primary School 
  • Retrofitting of Pre-K Classroom at Babonneau RC Primary School 
  • Construction of Concrete Road at Goodlands East

The BNTF 10th Programme is still in the appraisal stages and will run until December 2024.