On March 29th, 2023 representatives of Massy Stores St. Lucia a sponsor of the Our Boys Matter (O.B.M) from its initial start, Ms. Sancha Raggie (Marketing Manager) and Ms. Kim Charles (Marketing Division) presented a cheque of $15,000 to SSDF . This presentation is an indication of their social investment policy and commitment to vulnerable at risk-boys attending secondary schools.   Massy Stores St. Lucia has demonstrated over the years their understanding and valuing of education especially for our males. The Executive Director of the SSDF, Mr. John Victorin, continues to express his gratitude to the sponsors of such a vital educational component of the work of the SSDF. Miss Donna St. Marthe, the Acting Coordinator, made the clarion call to other cooperate business to join with Massy Stores, LUCELEC and Cabot Cares to support this programme.

OBM Friendly Football Match

On March 25th 2023, ten boys from the Our Boys Matter programme participated in a friendly football match on the Vigie playing field against the Roseau Valley football team.

This initiative was organized by Ms.Gislaine Augustin and Mr. Benedict Hippolyte aka Bobby 0, who is an affiliate of the football association. At the end of the match the OBM boys were victorious with a score of 2-1.  One goal was scored in the first half and Jucquan Sam scored the other goal in the second half, leading his team to victory.

The St Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF) and Our Boys Matter Programmed will continue to support our boys through events such as these which is so critical to their emotional, social, and physical development. The general public can look forward to more highlights of the initiatives that will be untaken by the Saint Lucia Social Development Fund / Our Boys Matter Programme in the near future.

The SSDF would like to thanks Massy Stores for donating the refreshments for this activity and for their continual support to the OBM programme. 

Our Boys Matter Form 5 Retreat

One the 24th February 2023, the Our Boys Matter programme hosted their annual form 5 student retreat for 21 boys. The theme for this event was “Fan the Flame of Success”. To help encourage the fanning of their flames a number of key personnel’s were invited to share valuable lifelong information with the boys. In addition to our invited guess Mr. Earl Gabriel Accountant at the St Lucia Social Development Fund took the opportunity to empower the boys by sharing his personal testimony of encouragement.

To help commemorate this event the invited guests included Bank of St Lucia representative, Cabot Cares representative and pastor Leroy David.The boys who participated in this event were equipped with the knowledge for acquiring a job. This range from discussion about their deportment, different grooming methods, how to conduct themselves at an interview and overall what to expect in the world of work. Based on the feedback and participation that was received by the boys, this event was deem a success. The Our Boys Matter Programme looks forward to 2024 to host another successful and life changing event.


The photos below highlight three Our Boys Matter (OBM) students who were awarded Bank of St Lucia bank accounts after successfully answering a question that they were asked at the recently concluded Form 5 retreat.

Dwayne Hamilton
Laurencin St Brice
Jaquan Sam