Having realized the impact of poverty on a small developing country such as St.Lucia and the task involved in its alleviation the SSDF through its current joint institutional segments PRF (Poverty Reduction Fund) and the BNTF (Basic needs Trust Fund) have developed partner ships with a host of National organizations in fulfilling its mandate. These social partners have themselves been involved in assisting the indigent in their own way. The fostering of such partnership can only augur well in the war on poverty and impact positively on ensuring the optimal use of the scarce resources put to use in doing so.

Such joint actions allow for a non duplication of efforts, an exchange of experiences and expertise as well as the identification of areas warranting specific intervention as may be determined by any initial assessment, as the issue of poverty is often clustered within a sphere of other problem giving rise an escalation of such ills.

Partnering with Us

The SSDF depends on the community to identify and implement projects. You can become a partner in the reduction of poverty in St. Lucia by:

  • Establishing or joining an organised group or club in your community and work on community development projects.
  • Becoming a member of a Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) for a project undertaken in your community.
  • Identifying areas which need assistance in your community and preparing a proposal or project request form to submit to the SSDF.
  • Become a volunteer in your community and assist with the implementation of SSDF projects.

Our Social Partners

  • National Youth Council – NYC
  • National Council of and for Older persons
  • Division of Human Services
  • St.Lucia Blind Welfare Association
  • St.Lucy’s Home
  • Mental Health Association
  • Senior Citizens Home
  • Ministry of Health , Urban Renewal & Locao Government
  • St.Lucia Nurses Association
  • National Enrichment Learning Unit
  • St.Lucia Diabetic and Hypertensive Association
  • National Emergency Management Unit
  • National Skill Development Unit
  • National Council for Persons with Disabilities
  • St.Lucia Planned Parenthood Association