Extension of Water Mains – Perou, La Croix Maingot

Perou is a small rural community in the Castries South East constituency.  Residents at the bottom of the Perou hill don’t have access to quality and regular water supply.  The distance of the spaghetti lines connected illegally to the top of the hill causes water wastage as residents have no control when there is a busted pipe.  The island’s water authority policy is that water connections are not given to household 200ft away from the mains which is the situation of the Perou community.  Therefore, residents at the bottom of the hill are forced to get illegal connections using spaghetti pipes through the few residents who have water connections at the top.  This makes the water pressure low and the community vulnerable to loss of lives and property in the case of a fire.  As a result of the small water extension sub project in Perou, La Croix Maingot, with a training component for residents on water resource management, all households will have the opportunity to access a legal, regular and quality water supply.  This project is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)/Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) Program 7 and the Government of St. Lucia at a cost of USD 114,440.00/EC$ 308,404.00


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