SSDF Board of Directors

The St. Lucia Social Development Fund is proud to announce its Board of Directors for the year 2012 – 2014. These new appointments will bring a diverse range of skills and experience to the Board. Their expertise will benefit the SSDF and its primary mandate, which is to ensure the delivery of basic services to the disadvantaged and marginalized communities in Saint Lucia. The following people form part of the Board: – Joachim Henry (Executive Director) – Ernest Augier (Chairman) – Agosta Degazon – Michael Sewordor – Lucius Ellevic – Flavia Cherry (Deputy Chairperson) – Imran Williams – Felix Fontenelle – Julian Dubois – Christina Norley – Elizabeth Lewis – Chantal Florent  and Sharon Montoute. The appointment of the Board of Directors will be for a two-year term 2012-2014. The St. Lucia Social Development Fund is pleased to have gathered such talent to their organization.

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