Work Study Experience


The St Lucia Social Development Fund collaborated with the Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School on their annual “Work Study Experience” programme and accommodated two (2) students Bryan Phillip and Marcus Giraudy for four (4) days Monday 10th – Thursday 13th April, 2017. 


This activity is aimed at exposing students to various jobs, developing work ethic and providing opportunities for students to gain hands on experience to assist them in making career decisions.  Mr Phillip was attached with us in the Social Assistance department learning about the types of assistance that the SSDF provides and was able to sit in on interviews with clients requesting housing and educational assistance.  Mr Giraudy was attached to the accounts department and got some insight into the daily processes of the department.


We wish them both all the best with their CXC examinations, which starts with French orals for them both and hope that they continue making the best of opportunities provided and available!!!!





ssdf interns ED1


ssdf bryanphillip intern


ssdf marcusgiraudy intern